Trewithen Sustainability Statement

At Trewithen, it is important to us to reduce the environmental impact that our restaurant has and to play an active role in supporting the local economy.

We focus on buying local seasonal produce and using local suppliers as much as possible and always consider our food miles.

We like to work very closely with our suppliers. This means that we are confident that the produce we buy is sustainable and traceable and that our suppliers comply with food safety standards.

We also learn from our local suppliers so that we are able to promote their produce to our customers. In addition to using local ingredients in the food we serve, we also stock a range of local beers, ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks.

We enjoy strong working relationships with many different businesses and organisations within our community and are proud to promote what Lostwithiel has to offer to local residents and visitors to the area.

We ensure our staff are fully engaged with our environmental measures and educate them on the importance of making recycling a priority.

We recycle our waste through H&A and have separate bins for cardboard, paper, glass, plastic and tin. Our cooking oil is recycled by 3663 Catering Equipment and made into bio fuel to run their lorries. We also recycle back to our suppliers, the boxes and crates their deliveries come in.

We are committed to employing and training local people. We are proud of the fact that our staff all live in Lostwithiel within walking distance of the restaurant and that if they do drive to work they car share.

We have installed insulation in our roof and upstairs rooms and on quiet evenings during the winter, only light and heat one room in the restaurant to save energy.

We promote the fact that we are close to a railway station on our website and our regular customers often share vehicles when dining with us.